Hire purchase loan can be utilized for purchasing of household utensils like Fridge, Washing Machine, A.C, Television, Computer etc. The members of the society can obtain the hire purchase loan by producing the invoice copy of the bill. Disbursement of the loan will be based on the personal surety. The maximum loan allowed would be 90% of the invoice amount and the maximum amount is one lakh for the maximum of 5 years. The present interest rate is 12% per annum.

 Computer Loan

As we realize the need of a computer in our home, the society provides loan for purchasing computer. The maximum loan amount would be Rs.30000/- for a period of five year at 12% interest rate per annum.



Society has executed the agreement with QRS Retail limited, M.G. Road, Trivandrum to enable all the members of the society to purchase utensils, TV, washing machine, LED TV, Desktop computer, Laptop, Tab, Fridge, microwave oven, air conditioners etc except mobile phones and iPad from all branches of QRS in all districts.

Those who wish to purchase any of the above items should visit nearby QRS showroom and show your employment ID or Society membership ID to the salesman in charge, and obtain a Performa invoice by citing the model number, MRP and the actual price including tax.

The filled up loan application form along with Performa invoice, copy of the ID card forwarded to the office of the society at Trivandrum. After verification the approval may be sent to QRS office and one copy of it is for the customer. Submitting the copy in the showroom, you can have the product. Within Five kilometers (5km), free delivery is available for heavy equipments.

QRS Branches


  • QRS, MG Road
  • QRS, Pattom
  • QRS, Karamana
  • Sony Centre, Pattom


  • QRS,Kannur Road


  • QRS,Residency Road


  • QRS, Trivandrum Road


  • QRS, Downhill


  • Alleppey
  • Chengannur
  • Cochin
  • Kottayam
  • Pathanamthitta